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In active use of the software products in real conditions occurs many situations, where errors or factors comes out, preventing work. In this cases there is an error message displayed, which can be fixed by customers. In other cases the program itself manages situation to solve the problem and user does not see any changes in functionality of the program. Although that the problem is temporary solved, in this case is important to be established the real reason for it and looking for a solution.


Recording system errors

When an error occurs, the software products of Microinvest immediately store engineering information about the event. This information is stored invisible to the user in special register called Log file. Trough this register can be established the operation of the product and appropriate counter to be taking.

Log file folder

Files with system messages are stored in the settings of the products, in special folder created for this purpose. For different versions of Windows folders are as follows:

  • Windows 7 folder C:\ProgramData\Microinvest
  • Windows Vista folder C:\ProgramData\Microinvest
  • Windows XP folder C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microinvest\

Countering errors

It is extremely important the right counter of the arisen errors. To achieve such a result is desirable to copy the Log file, to be open and analyze the information. By eliminating the causes leading to such errors, is achieved much more stable operation of the products, without any risk of unexpected failure. Underestimation of these errors can lead to data loss or poor performance of the products

Early Warning

There is an introduced system for an early warning of eventual problems. Usually, one error takes certain memory space in the Log file, but a limit can be put on the numbers errors, which occurs in the system. When the individual Log file becomes more than 500KB, the program display a message: “Attention, a prophylaxis is need to the system…” In this case we recommend you to follow those actions:

  • Open Log file folder
  • Copy Log file and also save it in other carrier, if have the chance send an e-mail to Microinvest support@microinvest.net
  • Open Log file and analyzed the content. You should classify the errors, if there is more than one.
  • Steps are being taken to eliminate the stored problems.
  • Log file is stored in archive and deleted from the folder. This will prevent showing an error message, when starting the product.


If there is a Log file, it means unstable program. This may be due to bugs in the program or bad system configuration or instability. The whole system about tracking events errors has a goal to prevent more serious problems about work of the product and it’s a useful diagnostic tool.

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