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There is desire and attempt the products of Microinvest to work under the operating system Linux. From the structure of the products it could be defined which of them could work under Linux and which could not. Through public and accessible information it is possible to save time and unsuccessful attempts to reach the impossible.


Main positions

Most Microinvest products are developed to work under the operating system Windows. For this purpose they are designed in accordance with the Windows principles and it is recommended to work under Windows. Nevertheless, there are some enthusiasts which make attempts to start the products under corresponding Linux emulsifier.

Impossible things

Practically, it is impossible for Microinvest Warehouse Pro to be started successfully under Linux. The products use many technologies for exchange of data which reach the level operating system and are designed to work under the operating system Windows. Moreover, the components for database access, printing of documents and implementation required many resources which are not available in Linux. There is a possibility Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light to be started under Linux. However, it should be taken into account that the program could not work with peripheral devises because Linux do not support the functions for managing enter/exit of the COM ports and the relationship between the devises will be missing.

Possible thing

Microinvest Warehouse Pro is a product with an open code which works successfully under Linux. Its structure is designed according to the Linux principles and the systems work without problems. In relation to the level databases the products are compatible. Microinvest Warehouse Pro Web could work with combined system Windows/Linux. The program Microinvest Warehouse Pro Web obligatory works under Window server but the clients could work in Linux environment in a particular browser. This is an excellent example for hybrid system. One of the servers that have a realization under Linux is MySQL. It is possible to work under this operating system while the clients work under Windows and to be connected to it.

Other comments

There are commercial Windows emulsifiers that operate under Linux, such as Entersoft. However, the possibility for success is little because main functions in the structure of Linux systems are missing and they cold not be eliminated or imitated with emulsifier.

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