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Microinvest Warehouse Pro has an integrated powerful system for localization and multilingual support. The software can be adjusted for different laws when working with different languages and tax rules. The configuration is done through two separate indicators:

  • Language
  • Country

These settings are global for the system, they change its functioning and it is important that the workplace be restarted after changing one of them.


Setting the language

The setting of language determines the language of messages, logos, as well as the menu and program documents. The appearance of the program changes with this setting, but the mode of operation and functions does not change. The number of languages can be changed dynamically and this does not affect the performance of the product at all.

Setting the country

The setting of the country determines how the program works. When changing the setting of the country, the type of documents issued, the technology of working and the specific rules applied for a specific country change. The fields in the nomenclatures also change in order to meet the regulatory requirements of legislation in the country. Upon activation of a particular country, the program works (has) all necessary blanks and forms containing the mandatory requisites for the country.

Other options

The programs give an opportunity to select the state in which the operator is and the language of his choice, so it is possible to combine country «Russia» and language «English». For example: The company has offices in three states. They work with a common database and the setting of country is «Russia». The first workplace is with setting of language "Russian", the second - "English", and the third – “Greek”. The operators work in their own languages, but the system complies with the legislation in the main country - Russia.


Currently, the program supports the following languages: Russian, English, English (US), Bulgarian, German, Spanish, Turkish, Romanian, Greek, Armenian, Georgian, Albanian and Serbian. The countries, whose legislation is included, are: Bulgaria, Russia, Kenya, Romania, Malta, Greece, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Belarus, USA, Canada, Armenia, Georgia, Spain and Mexico.

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