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Microinvest Warehouse Pro offers options for issuing of standard fiscal documents. The work sequence is pre-defined and performs the normative requirements for such activity.



The terms “Invoice”, “Warehouse Receipt”, TORG-12” and others correspond to the accepted terms in a given country. When selecting a country from the system settings, certain set of specialized documents is activated.

Work Sequence

The issuing of fiscal documents is a two-step operation. The completion of a sale or accounting of a consignation is the primary operation. This is the moment in which the write-off of goods from the inventory is realized. After this document is saved, the issuing of an invoice or a TORG-12 follows. The operation is performed through the Operations/Invoicing menu, as the number of the completed sale is selected in the window. The documents are printed in a sequence – the original documents are printed first, and after that the copies are printed. When there are different documents, the printing is also consecutive from the first to the last document.

Receipt of Invoices

The receipt of invoices in based on the same principle. The primary operation is the entering of the purchase, when the new goods are accounted for. After that follows the operation “Receive Invoice”, in which a fiscal document is attached to this purchase.

Sequence of Documents

Regarding Russia, the standard sequence of the operations and documents is the following:

  • A sale is completed. The program prints a bill of goods. This is the primary document;
  • Through Invoicing the completed sale is selected and a fiscal document is issued. The sequence is the following – Invoice Original, Invoice Copy, TORG-12.

There are specially incorporated checks, which prevent the duplication or change or already issued documents. If an edit or a reissuing of a document of such type is necessary, the operator must perform the following sequence:

  1. Cancelling of the issued document;
  2. Editing of the primary document;
  3. Reissuing of the necessary document.

This sequence ensured proper work and accounts for the necessary actions for network synchronization of the documents.

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