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Every software program product has its specific features. In order to test and evaluate Microinvest software in its full potential we recommend the following steps:

  1. Downloading of full installation package with implemented examples.
  2. Developing of installation CD.
  3. Installation of the product and preparation for examination.
  4. Entrance in the system and familiarization with the functions of the products.


Downloading of the installation CD

Microinvest provide installation packages of all its systems. These packages include the full version of the products, free servers and useful information. It is recommended the clients to use exactly these CDs because they guarantee maximum success of the installation with the richest functional possibilities.

  • The standard version of the CD is in ISO format. This ISO version could be recorded on CD or could be opened with WinRAR. It consists of all possible products and servers. It is recommended to use particularly this version of the CD.
  • Second option is Mini CD in .EXE format. The version of Mini CD could be downloaded from the following address Mini CD It includes a minimum number of products, enough for the introduction of the systems. The content of this version is with 50% smaller in volume which allows easy downloading if the Internet connection is slow or limited.

Creating an installation CD

When the CD is downloaded in ISO or .EXE format it is necessary an installation disk to be created. The steps for creating an installation disk are the following:

  • ISO – Version 1: with the help of product for recording CDs, ISO image of the disk is recorded on a real optical disk.
  • ISO – Version 2: the ISO file is opened with WinRAR and is copied on optical disk or directly on USB Flash device. In this way, the disk has all the necessary components and in order the disk to be installed it is necessary Autrorun.exe to be started.
  • EXE file: when EXE file of Microinvest Mini CD is downloaded it is recorded on USB Flash disk or on optical device. The installation is done when this .EXE file is full.

Installation of the Products

For successful installation of the Microinvest products we recommend the following:

  1. Put the created CD or USB Flash disk in the device.
  2. Start Autorun.exe and choose option ‘Automatic installation’. When you use MicroinvestMiniCD.exe the automatic installation starts when you start the file MicroinvestMiniCD.exe.
  3. One after another a number of products will be installed. Do not change the settings of the products. Do not change the disk or the folder where the product should be installed and leave all settings by default.
  4. When the last product is installed wait 30 seconds until the CD stops working.

With this operation the installation is completed.

Starting the Products

After successful installation of the product, icons will appear on the desktop. In order to familiarize with the products start them in their order. We recommend the following order:

  1. Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light-Restaurant
  2. Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light-Retail
  3. Microinvest Warehouse Pro
  4. Barcode Printer Pro

The demonstration databases of the system could be entered with the password 1111.

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