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Microinvest Warehouse Pro allows importing items from an already existing Excel file. Using the Edit menu / Administration / Import items a window for transferring items and partners from Excel to Microinvest Warehouse Pro appears. This is a powerful mechanism for entering and processing large lists of items.


Work pattern

In order to perform the import a file in .xls or .xlsx format needs to be prepared. The arrangement of rows and columns is irrelevant. It`s important that the information is summarized in a table. The program processes and transfers the data from the table. The start and end line are used as parameters. The content of the columns is added separately, for instance - Column F could contain the code of the item. The entire process is managed step by step and implemented by the wizard.

Import regime

Microinvest Warehouse Pro supports 3 modes of Importation:

  1. Add. Items or partners will be added, regardless of their existence in the database;
  2. Ignore. Items or partners will be checked and added if they are not present in the database. If the nomenclature has already been entered into the database no action will be performed.
  3. Substitute. It checks whether the nomenclature exists. If there is no such element present, it performs an addition. If such element already exists, it refreshes the data from the Excel file.


The import of items has many advantages for data processing. The technology enables:

  • Transferring of preliminary created items from another product;
  • Creating price lists and automatic updating of prices;
  • External processing of ’parameters;
  • Merging several items into a single database.

Often the import procedure is used in conjunction with data export. This allows exporting to Excel, processing and subsequent import of the modified data.

Using the importation function one can transfer nomenclatures from another product. An export to a text or Excel file is made from the other product. The file is then opened in Excel, formatted as a table and saved as a standard Excel file. The data importing sequence is then executed.


Import can be done by automatically entering of groups of items. The “Preview” option allows preliminary visual control of the data before they are transferred.


When importing items or partners Microinvest Warehouse Pro performs a search and data synchronization. When you transfer items the synchronization operation does the following:

  1. Checks the barcode of the item. If there is a match it assumes that the item already exists;
  2. If there is no match it checks the code. If the code already exists it assumes that the item is present in the database;
  3. If no match to the code or barcode has been found the program compares the name. Again if there already is such name the program assumes such item already exists;
  4. If none of the above conditions are met, the item is classified as new.

When importing partners, the work sequence is similar to the aforementioned pattern with the difference in the criteria. The following parameters will be checked:

  1. Company ID or VAT number of the partner;
  2. Code of the partner;
  3. Name of the partner.

Automatic setting

Microinvest Warehouse Pro allows automatic adjustment of the program to the data in the file. A Sheet „Setup” in Excel should be created that contains the values of the setting, such as Start row. The next column should contain the corresponding value, for example 7.

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