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Microinvest Warehouse Pro allows the import of operations of preliminary created Excel file. Using the menu Edit/Administration/Import Operations a new window for the creation of an operation using the content of the Excel file appears.



In order an import to be executed, a prepared file in a correct Excel format is needed. The arrangement of the rows and columns is of no value, it is important the data to be systematized in the random table with goods. The program processes this table and transfers the operations. As parameters the first and the last line are indicated, and additionally the content of the columns, for example Column F contains the code of the goods. The whole process is being directed step by step and is executed by an Advisor.

Parameters of the Operation

When activating the import of operations the type of the operation, object, partner, and operator is being chosen. These parameters define simple what and how is going to be transferred. The data for goods, prices, and quantity are going to be red from the Excel file and could be changed subsequently.


The import of operations presents numerous advantages for data processing. The technology allows:

  • Transfer of quantities and operations from other product;
  • Automatic establishment of a beginning state or revision regarding data from other product or electronic tables;
  • Obtaining orders, deliveries or sales from other system.

The import of operations is the easiest way for transfer of data from an existing trade system to Microinvest products.

Specific Features

The import should be performed by a correct Excel file. If the file is created by 1C, this is not a complete Excel file and a procedure for the right formatting of this file should be run. The procedure is described in the documentation on the site. When importing operations the presence of the nomenclature in the database is mandatory. When new goods are being transferred, a preliminary import of the nomenclature should be executed and after that the operations should be transferred.


When importing operations Microinvest Warehouse Pro performs search and synchronization of the goods. The synchronization could be executed in the following way:

  1. The barcode of the product is being checked. If there is a coincidence, the commodity does not exist anymore;
  2. If the barcode does not coincide, it is being checked by a code. If there is a coincidence, the commodity does not exist anymore;
  3. If the code and barcode are not found, the name is being compared. If there is a coincidence, the commodity does not exist anymore;
  4. If none of the above-mentioned conditions is met, the commodity is not transferred into the operation.

Automatic Setup

Microinvest Warehouse Pro allows an automatic setting of the program according to the data in the file to be made. A Sheet in Excel is created with the name “Setup” and the values of the setting are being set, for example Initial row and in the next column the relevant value, for instance 7.

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