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Microinvest's products are built using standard management tools and a popular, comprehensible interface. This makes it easy and quick to introduce their capabilities into action and lightweight service. The setting is not complicated and is practically available to every client. Through several tutorials, we will outline the capabilities in front of the end customer for self-installation and system setup.


Specialists and clients

Any computer expert who is familiar with the Microinvest products can be defined as a commercial software specialist. Customers, in turn, are excellent traders, restaurateurs, business people and consumers who use computers in their day-to-day business. That's why they are perfectly capable of managing their business, but they are not in-depth specialists with knowledge in Microinvest's systems. Action sequence If a client wants to set up a system by themselves, they must follow the steps below:

  1. Download a version of the required product from the company site;
  2. Install this version on their computer
  3. Make basic system settings;
  4. Introduce an example of an industry action or practical experience;
  5. Make basic product setup and start working with it.

The idea of self-tuning products is becoming more and more popular among customers. Microinvest strives to make its programs easy to service and logical to manage. This is why many customers are able to handle the installation and setup of their products on their own.

Real and test databases

Microinvest products can work with many different databases. Each base is a separate organization and in no way affects the others. Therefore, it is recommended that all settings should be made with a test base where any error does not affect the actual business operation. The existence of a test database supports free experimentation on the program's capabilities and the behavior of each setting. Once the entire process is complete and the settings are specified, then the clients create a real database and enter the real documents and operations into it.

How to download a product version

There are many opportunities to get a full version of Microinvest's programs. Part of the information is published in the current knowledge base, some of the information is available on the Microinvest core site. Based on experience, it is best to use a demo package that can be downloaded here.

Installation of the program product

Installing the program product is one of the most important steps to properly set up the system. Therefore, Microinvest recommends that the installation should be carried out in the standard way without changing any parameter (for example, not changing the folder where the product will be installed). It is enough for the client to press "Next" and accept the parameters without modification. Changing a particular parameter can only make work harder, especially if the user is not a specialist and does not know what the action of the change will be. As an example of an inappropriate change, you may see a change to the product installation folder if there are no access rights or other restrictions in the new folder. In this case, the change will violate the standard installation procedure and will not yield anything positive. So let the installation program do the job yourself and do not overdo it.

Product setup

The program product is set up for optimal performance. This is the reason why customers need to make minor adjustments to the program's capabilities and minimize the configuration. At the same time, the following is recommended:

  • Make changes one by one;
  • After each change, make sure that the behavior of the program is what the customer expects;
  • If the change is unsuccessful, turn back the previous type of setting instead of trying to change the effect of the previous setting with another change;
  • All settings are to be done on test databases so that actual data entered in the program is not affected.

Setting up the program is very simple, incorrectly changing a particular setting may disrupt its normal operation and cause difficulty in using it.

System testing

Testing the system before the actual start of work is very basic. Each user, client, operator, and manager should check their features and become convinced of the capabilities of the program product. This is done through a test database and introducing case studies. Creating a test base helps track all processes on random data without fear of disturbing real data or damaging the end result. It is only then that the system is ready for operation and can be brought into normal condition.


Computer specialists are people who are daily involved in setting up software, hardware and systems. So they can quickly solve problems that would be difficult for the average consumer. Consultation with a computer specialist is important for the proper functioning of the system and Microinvest as a manufacturer recommends that each system should be set up or at least reviewed by a specialist. This can eliminate hidden issues that are not visible now but can occur in the future. Consultation with a specialist may be easier than a long self-seeking of a particular function or setting.

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