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Microinvest Wiki has great advantages when solving the problems for clients, partners and specialists. The information is comprehensive and systematic. In Microinvest Wiki the most significant problems in exploitation of the products are considered.


How to use the Wiki system?

For everyone, who searches for solutions and documentations, Microinvest publishes the useful information through Wiki style. This mechanism presents popular and comfortable form for entering and visualization of the information, because the Wikipedia form is well known and easy to use. The articles are related with links and it’s very easy to reach every resource. Practically our Wiki system is similar to the world’s most popular encyclopedia, which is well known to lots of users.


Searching materials in Microinvest Wiki can be done by entering a random word, title, or article content. The internal system generates the most suitable answers, which match the search and in this way flexible technology for finding an answer is created. Use ‘search’ for necessary key words to reach the complete information.

Advantages of Microinvest Wiki

The publishing of information in Wiki style has many advantages:

  • Information is structured in the form of articles with a possibility to search in them
  • It is possible to extract only the necessary information
  • Information is completed by several people, who constantly present new ideas, solutions and offers
  • Corrections can be made by everyone and the accuracy of the content is guaranteed
  • The practical content is in form, suitable for reading and analysis.

Correction and Completion

Microinvest Wiki style of publishing of information is understandable. Everyone, who wants to complete or correct the information in our library are welcomed to do so. In this way the information is with high quality, there is constant correction and adding new articles from several participants. Microinvest prompts all participants to register and complete the information for the products. What is interesting is that even small stylistic or spelling mistakes can improve the article.

Become a Participant!

Become a participant in Microinvest Wiki. After registration and confirmation of the sent e-mail everyone can become author of an article or to correct already existing one. The idea of having lots of authors is to help us expand our library. The control of the data entered can only help us enlarge the knowledge.

Get the Maximum

Register in Wiki system, change the articles, complete the information, work actively and get knowledge. This is all free and is convenient for everyone, who wants to get the maximum of the products of Microinvest.

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