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The software of Microinvest can work with different types of databases. It is possible to use several different databases of one and the same type. The questions connected to the management and the choices of the database are basic for the functioning of the products.


Bases of the database

The database is the main warehouse of the information saved in the program. In one database there are nomenclatures, operations and settings of a company. The database is centralized and monolithic. It works as a whole and it does not depend on the working places. Each of the programs can work with unlimited number of databases.

Choice of database

Depending on the type of the server, the rights of the server’s users and the pre-created databases, the window for selecting the database can be different. There are two different ways of choosing the database.

  • In databases like Access, the program opens a window by which you can choose a MDB file, which is actually the database. In this case the program has a direct access to the file with the database.
  • In SQL servers, the program opens a different window, by which all the databases that are accessible for the specific SQL server are shown, without any folders or other items. In this case the program does not have a direct access to the file with the database and it receives the information from the SQL server.

Setup of the system

In some products the choice of a database is accessible via a menu from the main screen. In other products the database is entered in the setup of the system or in the screen for connection with the data. The parameters for connection are uniform and all of them should be filled in (without any blank spaces).


The information shown here does not recognize the different limits which can be applied in the operating system and the SQL servers. Sometimes some particular databases can be seen but cannot be used. All this depends on the setup of the SQL server and it is in detail described in the documentation of the products and the presentations for installing SQL servers. It is desirable the functions for the change of the database to be set up according to the rights of the users and the appropriate limits to be entered.

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