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When implementing a particular software product there are always questions and problems from a different nature. There is technology, which helps the process of quick and efficient introduction and therefore solutions to the problems. This technology shortens the process for analysis and provides technical help while guarantees effective solutions.



When a problem occurs it is important to provide technical information about the system and the products. The problem can be found only by replicating the situation and conducting an analysis of the working factors. In order to reach the main goal, it is important to implement the following steps:

  • Present useful technical information
  • Recreate of the situation in which the observed phenomenon has occurred
  • Describe the obtained input data

Technical Information

When a problem occurs, it is important to provide useful technical information about the system. This includes PC configuration, OS, peripheral device and other components. The technical information should be full and precise, so that it can eliminate the impact of external factors regarding the stability of the complex.

When a Problem Occurs

When a problem occurs, it is important to recreate the situation in which the problem has been observed. This often is sequence of actions, a set of different input parameters or a combination of already used operations and functions. The occurring of a problem can be consequence of particular actions and can be a subject of the following factors:

  • A problem that occurs more than one time
  • A random problem. An example of this is sudden and unplanned interruption of a network connection or other force majeure consequence
  • A hidden problem. It occurs in one action, but is seen in the performance of another operation because the impact of this problem is in the recorded data

In order to find the optimal solution it is significant to describe the steps of occurring of the problem in details. The description serves teams support systems for the analysis of causes of the problem.

Additional Methods

Additional methods for analysis of the problems include:

  • Providing remote service specialist to a computer
  • Sending a working copy from the database, which has been observed on the matter
  • Provide screenshots of the problems
  • Posting a copy of the log files on system
  • Other information that may be useful to analyze the situation.

The availability of such information can improve the process of debugging and optimization of products.

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