How to Automate a Small Shop?

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General Information

The products of Microinvest give the opportunity for fast and easy automation of a small shop. The necessary time for setting up the hardware part is usually between 3 and 4 hours, the entering of nomenclatures (lists) takes from 3 to 7 days and the real starting of the location takes 5 additional hours.


Usually, in small shops, one workplace is set, which performs all the functions of sale, delivery and product control. Practice shows that the most suitable option for automation is the installation of a specialized commercial terminal and a programmable keyboard. The minimal parameters of such a terminal are:

  1. Processor with 2 GHz or higher;
  2. 1 GB RAM minimum;
  3. 40 GB HDD
  4. Presence of a COM Port;
  5. Appropriate monitor with size from 14’’ to 19’’;
  6. Barcode or check (bill) printer;
  7. Customer display;
  8. Card reader for customer and discount cards.


For proper work of the system, it is necessary to install the following component:

  1. Windows XP or Windows 7. The precise edition does not matter, the Home editions do an excellent job;
  2. Microinvest Warehouse Pro, which will handle purchase order, deliveries, reports and all back-office activities;
  3. Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light, which will automate the sale process and will handle all the front-office activities;
  4. MS SQL or MSDE server for managing the database.

Setup of the Location

In a matter of 2-3 hours, all components from the hardware and the software part are installed and a sample database is made. All devices in the system should be checked. A brief training seminar is done for entering of nomenclatures/lists/ (especially stock and partner nomenclatures).

After 1 or 2 days, a new database should be made, further training of the operators is done and a real entering of nomenclatures begins. Important nomenclatures such as locations and users are entered under the navigation of a specialist. Special attention should be paid to the entering of barcodes, since there are certain specific features, related to it.

The nomenclatures are built for around 3 to 7 days. It is possible to make an import of nomenclatures from an Excel file or another software program. It is desirable that rules be created, as to how the groups should be made, how the names should be entered (capital or small letters, abbreviations). It is necessary that most items be tested with a barcode scanner, in order to make sure that no problems with scanning will occur.

After all nomenclatures (lists) have been entered, an inventory of the shop stock availability is made. The inventory is made for all products, including according to product groups. The purchase and sale prices are entered too.

As a last step, the settings of the program are defined and access rights (permissions) are precisely defined for each program user. With this, the work with implementing the program into the shop is complete and the only remaining thing is the regular maintenance and support of the system.

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