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Microinvest products have an advanced technology for installation and maintenance in demo mode. Practically, the company does not offer separate “demo” versions or versions with limited capabilities. All demo versions work with full functionality, the only difference is the period they can be used. When the program is not officially registered, it has a trial period. After this period, the program will ask for a license key.


Period of Demo Versions

The period of the demo versions is about 60 days or about 150 launches, depending on the system load. Different products such as Microinvest Warehouse Pro, Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light, Barcode Printer Pro have a different counter and they can have different periods of time at work without a license. The programs operate through a complex algorithm in which there is no precise technology to predict the duration of the work. Usually, it is within two months at low load and about 2 weeks with active load. If you use the program approximately twice per day, you can browse through the product for about a month. Microinvest recommends the products to be licensed within 20-30 days in order to avoid stressful situations where the most important point is the introduction of the product registration number.

Technology for licensing

There are several technologies for licensing the products:

  • Hardware key. This is a recommended technology for licensing the product and it does not depend on the computer. The license is kept in the hardware dongle and it could be moved to other computer;
  • Serial and registration number, usually given by phone. This is a technology, that connects the license to the computer, but after a formatting of the hard drive the license is lost. The only use of this license is in a remote location, where the hardware dongle cannot be given immediately, but the client has to work.
  • Internet activation. The products get a registration via Internet connection. This is a technology which connects the license to the computer, but after a formatting of the hard drive the license is lost. The use of this license is mainly for online shops, when a product is ordered.

There are other technologies for registration that are described on the website. The full description of all registrations is published in section “documentation” in the Russian version of the Microinvest website.

Hardware key

The hardware key, provided by Microinvest, works with all the versions of the operating system and does not require an installation of drivers. The key is put on all working places separately and one key can contain licenses for several products in one and the same computer.

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