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Microinvest provides different ways of customer support. Using our resources and the possibility for direct contact, all out partners have access to the tools and technologies, which are the foundation of our software products. Furthermore, there are different technologies for getting in contact with the producer. Thus, by using the right technology, the time for finding a solution can be drastically reduced.


Contact with the Support Team

Nowadays it is crucial for every business to maintain high-quality, quick and adequate customer support. This is why Microinvest offers different ways of contacting the support team – each one of them has both advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Forum
  2. Contact via phone
  3. Skype
  4. Wiki Database

Each type of connection can be applied in different situations. More detailed examples of their usage are shown below:


The forum of Microinvest is accessible 24/7 and the comments and opinions that can be found there are pluralized. Its main disadvantage is that the problem solving process can be very time consuming. This happens because the customer needs to properly frame a question and wait for someone to answer him, which can take more time than expected. Also, it is possible that the same problem has already been solved.

Contact via Phone

This is the fastest way of getting in contact with the support team, but not always the right specialist is available or can speak the customer`s language. Also, it is essential that the problem is described using examples so that it can be analyzed.


Skype is an excellent technology that can be used effectively for notifying the support team that a problem has occurred. But just like the previous cases, a question needs to be properly framed and also a certain amount of time might pass before a specialist answers the question. This can slow down the process of finding a solution to the problem.

Wiki Database

This is the fastest way of getting information about certain problems. The system works 24/7 and provides answers and examples of practical questions. The answers can be found by typing keywords in the search bar - no waiting, no interference by an operator. This is the best way for finding technical information. Furthermore, there is no need to prepare terms of reference.

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