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The products of Microinvest are working in different countries and maintain different types of format for the dates and numbers. Their setup and management is part of the process for implementation of a finished system.


Management of formats

Microinvest uses a standard mechanism for setup of the data formats. Via Regional Settings from Control Panel in Windows you can determine what location and format to be used in the program. In this way there is no special mechanism for setup. Everything is all about the standard principles for management of an operating system.

Requirements for the setup

There are no specific requirements for setup of the data format. One of the most important limits is not to use symbols in Cyrillic or not to use special symbols. This can only confuse the product and to cause incorrect interpretation of the data. As a whole, the work capacity of the product is not influenced by the chosen type of data. The correct visualization of the calendar can be destroyed only by an incorrect setup.

Recommended Formats

The recommended formats and data are:

  • European and Russian standard;
  • mm/dd/yyyy - American standard;
  • dd-mm-yyyy- frequent way for typing the dates;

The use of other types of formats is allowed, but sometimes it confuses the operators, because they are not oriented in the setup and they do not determine the correct operations.


When you work in a network it is possible to use different formats of the data and in this way one of the working places can visualize the data as 31.12.2012, the other one can show the date as 12/31/2012, the next one can be formatted as 12-31-2012, etc. Nevertheless, all the data is saved and handled properly and the working places are connected in one network where they share their data. When you set up the format of the data, you should pay attention to the setup of the localization of the SQL server. It is recommended to follow the documentation, which is published on the website of Microinvest.

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