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In the world scale, there are few accepted standards for a visualization of the numbers. The main difference is in the choice of the decimal separator and the grouping of the thousands. The products of Microinvest work in different environments and maintain practically different formats of the numbers.The setup of the numbers is a part of the implementing process of the system.


Formatting the numbers

It is recommended to use a point as a decimal separator for the numbers. This guarantees a full compatibility between different systems and can determine the correct results. The use of other separators (comma or dash) can bring it to an incorrect interpretation of the numbers and thus distort the result. When the decimal separator is not standard it is possible to block the system. Because of that it is recommended to use the decimal point.

Frequent mistakes and problems

When you work in a network it is possible to use different formats of the numbers, and in this way one of the working place can work with a decimal point, the other one can work with a decimal comma, etc. Nevertheless, all the data is saved and handled correct and the working places are connected in one network and share their data. Still, there are recommendations for unification of the format of the umbers in the whole network.

Limits of Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light

Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light necessarily requires the use of a decimal point. This is necessary because of the integration of different periphery devices (printers, scales, etc.) which do not have an international localization and work with a decimal point as a separator. Because of that this product works only with such a separator and this rule should be precisely followed.


When you set up the format of the numbers you should pay attention to the setup of the localization of the SQL server. Because of that it is recommended to follow the documentation which is published on the website of Microinvest.

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