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The solutions of Microinvest have a number of optimization features which enable swifter and more convenient work for operators. One of the most convenient work features is the fast entering of quantities in the program operations.


Automatic Entering of Quantity

There exist a number of methods for automatic entering of quantities. The most popular of them are:

  1. Usage of weight barcodes. Via such barcode, the product quantity is automatically entered in the program in congruence with the measure of the electronic scale, which had printed the specific barcode. There is a detailed description of how a weight barcode is entered and used.
  2. Direct connection with the electronic scale. In this case, the Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light program sends an enquiry to the electronic scale receives a response from the scale and then enters the quantity in a specified field. Usually, this operation is executed by using the Ctrl-F shortcut keyboard combination.
  3. Entering of products and quantities through an electronic terminal. In order to do so, specialized terminals, which exchange information through the application Microinvest Data Collector Pro, are used.

Entering of a Quantity in the Front Office

A special system for fast entering of the quantity is incorporated in Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light. It enables operators to work fast in the Retail Mode. This method consists of entering the quantity in the Product and scanning the barcode in the same field. This way, the program deciphers the necessary values and fills the product with the chosen quantity by itself. The sequence of actions is the following:

  1. In the Product field, a quantity-enumerating digit is written down, 5 for example;
  2. In the same field, the barcode is scanned, without any additional settings
  3. The program analyses the inputted data by itself, selects the given product item and moves the quantity to the column preset for this purpose.

In should be noted that there is a limit as to the maximum value of the quantity. This is done with the purpose of avoiding incorrect barcode interpretation of a sale of unrealistically high value.

Entering of Quantity in the Back Office

When working in the Back Office application, analogous mechanisms and techniques are used. Through Microinvest Device Manager, connection with an electronic scale is established; the method for entering of quantity and scanning of product items works as well.

Other Interface Optimization

Microinvest provides several more technological methods for facilitated product management. In each cell, simple mathematical expressions, which are immediately calculated by the program, can be entered. Examples of such expressions in Microinvest Warehouse Pro are:

  • If we have 6 cartons, with 18 items in each carton, the expression 6*18 can be entered in the quantity field, and the program will automatically calculate the total value;
  • If we have a 7% discount for a given product which costs $ 42.50, in the price field, we can enter 42.50*0.93 and the program will itself calculate the total price.
  • If, out of 182 items of a given product, there are 27 items with defects, we can enter 182-27 in the quantity field.

All standard mathematical operations are enabled

  • Multiplication, with sign *
  • Division, with sign /
  • Addition, with sign +
  • Subtraction, with sign –

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