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Microinvest Warehouse Pro has an advanced system for compiling and visualizing of custom documents and reports in Excel. The technology of Excel documents allows the creation of “alive” documents, which retrieve data from the database and compile various documents, reports and graphics in real time.



The Excel documents in Microinvest Warehouse Pro use an internal server which has access to every database of the program. Through this server, the operations and any additional parameters of the program are retrieved in real time. This data is then transferred to Excel, where it is subject of further processing, aggregation and visualization. Thus dynamic tables can be made and they are linked to data in the program. The internal server itself is installed with Microinvest Warehouse Pro and uses its modules and settings. In this way, administrators do not have to seek further integration between Excel and the program, as it opens the Excel file prepared with a reference therein.


The advantages that Excel documents give us are obvious:

  • Each user can change the document alone;
  • The necessary knowledge is in the field of working with Excel and because of that there is no need of special training;
  • In practice the possibilities of formatting and presenting information, creating tables, charts and templates are unlimited;
  • The interface looks familiar to the operators and the standard functions of office products are well known.

By comparison to Crystal Reports and Fast Report, the advantage of Excel documents is their simplicity and versatility. Excel is very familiar to many users and this optimizes training time and working with reports. Excel documents can work as part of Microinvest Warehouse Pro, there is even a possibility for individually opening files using icons. Self opening of files allows the using of icons on the desktop, each icon automatically creates an Excel document.


Excel documents can be managed through built-in functions of the program. They allow you to add or replace certain internal document and generate report in a specific situation. Since Excel documents are external to the product, their adding and editing do not dependent on the installed version or a particular setting. Standard mechanism is the replacement of an internal document with an analogous Excel document. Thus the "stock receipt" may be replaced by another document as change in the product is not necessary.

Independent Construction

Microinvest publishes detailed technical information about the construction of Excel documents. It is available on the site, the main part is technical. We also offer tools for automate part of the work and for testing the received documents.

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