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There are situations when the windows of the program remember the incorrect data and after that generate an error during their opening. The error occurs when the incorrect data is added manually in the filter for a reference. For example, it is possible to add a newer start date or an older final date for a report or a name with incorrect data. As a result, there could be filters that do not work or the program can determine a message for an error when it opens the report.


Removing the Problem via the Program

The easiest way for solving this problem is to reset the status of the windows, which is done via the Window/Restore Default Window Settings. This function removes individual options of the windows and puts them back in their standard type, without adding any data.

Removing the Problem from Outside

There is a probability that the product could not start at all. This error can be solved by removing the settings and the serialization of the system. The error can be removed in the following way:

  • Open the folder C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microinvest\Warehouse Pro\Serialization;
  • Delete the last created folder. If the error appears again, delete the whole content of the folder Serialization.

Removing the files from folder Serialization would not lead to data loss, neither affecting the efficiency of the program. In these files the last added parameters of the references in Microinvest Warehouse Pro are saved by dates, reports, for which objects the report is, etc.

When does it happen?

There are some cases when such an error occurs:

  • There is a chosen and saved element from a nomenclature, after that the data is changed and this element is missing in the new nomenclature;
  • The status of the window is saved and the system setting is changed. In this case it is possible that December 31 is remembered and after that the positions could be changed by day and month. The program is looking for day 12th from a 31-day month and it immediately reports for an error in the window;
  • For added and saved incorrect data, for example an invalid symbol, which prevents the work of the SQL server;
  • Other situation, where the saved data stops to be updated in the program.

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