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Error 2015 means a missing module in Microsoft Excel and inability for connection with external products, Microinvest Warehouse Pro in particular. The error is documented by Microsoft and has a special module, which solves the problem associated with this error.


Excel Documents

Microinvest Warehouse Pro provides a powerful mechanism for working with external documents in a Microsoft Excel environment. Through the latest technologies, a two-way connection between the products of Microinvest and Microsoft Office has been developed. In order to work with Excel document, a version as recent as Microsoft Office 2003 or later versions should be installed.


The error occurs when a missing component in Microsoft Excel 2003 or 2007 appears. Such error may also appear if the sequence of product installation has been mistaken. It is recommendable that the Microsoft Office products are installed before Microinvest products.

Removal of the Error

There exist a few steps, which solve error 2015, as especially for this purpose, Microsoft has an additional model. The correct sequence is to install (or reinstall) Microsoft Office, while following these steps:

  • During installation, select Custom Setup;
  • A tick should be placed on “Choose advanced customization of application”;
  • From the dropdown menu of Microsoft Office Excel, select „Run all from my computer”.

After the installation of Microsoft Office 2003 is completed, Microinvest Warehouse Pro is installed ( or reinstalled). After the reconfiguring or installation is completed, it is necessary to download and install the following Microsoft Office update: Update for Office 2003 (KB907417).

Setup of the Macros

The last step for solving the problem is enabling Macros. After Microsoft Office is successfully installed, it is necessary that Excel should be opened. For Microsoft Office 2003 users , from Tools->Macro-> Security, select a level of protection “low”. For Microsoft Office 2007 users, from Office Button, please select Excel Options. Select Trust Center ->Trust Center Settings…go to Macro Setting and place a tick on “Enable all macros”.

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