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Error 1603 is a common problem for the installation of various products from different manufacturers. The error occurs between the built-in functions of the operating system and the installer. Although the message pops out from the Microinvest installer wizard, the reason is beyond the control of the program and must be corrected by means of the operating system.


Most often reasons

Possible causes of error 1603 are:

  • Bad or broken previous installation of a product or its component;
  • Missing administrative privileges in the operating system;
  • A filled temporary files folder;
  • Deleted files from the installation;
  • Wrong responding antivirus software;
  • Damaged operating system or other software;

The solution

To remove error 1603 steps to eliminate all factors in the previous section must be taken. In particular, in accordance with the above numbering of the causes, the following must be made:

  • Uninstall all products that are supposed to have installed correctly (the steps to solve the problem in Microinvest Warehouse Pro will be described later);
  • Installations and uninstallations are executed by the administrator password in the system;
  • Cleaning of the folder with temporary files. It is desirable to clean the entire disk through Disk Cleanup and subsequent defragmentation;
  • To repeat the installation to all ancillary products;
  • To suspend the work of antivirus software temporarily. This refers only to the time, during which the installation is performed; during the rest of the time, the antivirus software can perform its functions.
  • In this case, a complete reinstallation of the operating system is required. This should be executed if none of the previous steps has given positive results;

Procedure in Microinvest Warehouse Pro

The error occurs due to improper installation of specific modules and is solved by a few steps. From Control Panel –> Add/Remove Programs uninstall the following components exactly in this order:

After all the uninstallations are done, it is recommended that the system be restarted. Here begins the process of re-installation. In contrast with uninstallation, when installing Microinvest Warehouse Pro, the same components will be added automatically, as their order is predefined and complies with the requirements for smooth installation.

Saved settings and bases

If there had existed a version of the products of Microinvest in the system, all settings and databases will be maintained and will be automatically restored after the new installation of the product. If these steps do not help and the error is repeated, there is a possibility that the installation file of the program is damaged or is not downloaded entirely. In this case, download the product installation file from the website of Microinvest once again and repeat the procedure.

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