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Often, in the real business world, changes in the selling price driven by changes in suppliers’ prices or by company pricing policy occur. Various algorithms related to the management of prices, which automate the process and facilitate the handling of large nomenclatures, are incorporated in the products of Microinvest.


Stock Markup

One of the most popular tasks is the change in the selling prices of goods in stock. Tasks of such kind are:

  1. Example 1: Establishing a markup of 25% for a group of product items or products;
  2. Example 2: Activating of a promotion and establishing a 15% discount of selling prices of particular groups of products or product items.

Both tasks are performed with the help of one and the same Revaluation module. The module is activated through the Edit/ Administration/ Revaluation menu. Its functions include enacting the mathematical formula over the prices of the goods from a particular group. The working technology is the following:

  • A base price is selected;
  • A price- receiver is selected;
  • A mathematical dependence is entered;
  • A group of products, to which this formula will be applied, is selected;
  • The formula is applied and the prices of all selected products are recalculated according to this formula.

With this algorithm, Example 1 is translated to the following formula: Sale Price = Wholesale Price*1.25; Example 2 is translated to Sale Price = Sale Price * 0.85 The capabilities of calculating are extremely powerful and encompass practically all cases possible in the real world.

Delivery Markup

A distinct case in setting the markup is the entering of a new delivery. Oftentimes, in such case a change in the selling prices at the moment the delivery is entered, is necessary. In addition the new stock can be from different groups and with different parameters, thus the standard recalculation would not be efficient. In order to resolve this, Microinvest Warehouse Pro has a technology for Revaluation. The following prerequisites must be met:

  1. The Delivery window should be open and filled;
  2. The products should have an entered delivery price;
  3. The operation should not have been saved yet.

At this moment, the Edit/Administration/Revaluation menu is activated. When the Revaluation module is activated in an open operation, this module can work over the operation data. If the command Sale price = Delivery price * 1.33 is performed, the program will automatically correct the selling prices in the table containing the entered products. When saving this delivery, the selling prices can be changed in the database (according to the price group of the partner). This sequence accurately places a markup for all products, which are part of this delivery. Manual modifying of the prices before saving the operation is also an option.

Other options

There exist a number of other ways for setting a markup:

  1. Manual change of prices through the Edit/Administration/ Change Prices menu;
  2. Change of the price scheme through the Scheme button from the Edit/Administration/ Change Prices menu;
  3. Change of the prices due to a performed Stock-taking operation;
  4. Entering of a certain discount percentage for certain partner, which in effect changes the respective prices;
  5. Entering of dynamic price rules, which also correct the prices at the moment the operation is performed.

Specific features

During a price change, attention must be paid to the following important specific features:

  • When a change of prices via the Revaluation module is made, a vast number of products can be processed. The change in the prices is achieved very fast and there is no option to restore the previous price conditions, as the process is irreversible unless the previous price conditions are set once again.
  • When a delivery takes place, the price is recorded in the partner’s price group. If the partner does not work with retail prices, the program will change the price group, which the selected partner is connected with.
  • The Revaluation module allows for a change in the delivery prices. There is an option for entering a formula from the type Delivery Price = Delivery Price * Coefficient. The usage of an equation from such type should be deployed only after consulting an accountant, since this can disrupt the accounting value of the products.

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