Entering of Quantities

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Entering of Quantities

Microinvest Warehouse Pro uses real-time stock quantity calculation according to the entered operations. Due to this fact, there is no way that quantities can be entered without being involved in a certain operation. In order for stock and product quantities to be edited, one of the following operations must be executed:

  • Receipt Operation, which increases the quantity of products;
  • Dispatch operation, which reduces the quantity of products;
  • Stock-taking, which can reduce or increase the quantity of products;
  • Production, which reduces the raw materials, but increases the products, respectively.

Receipt Operations

The receiving operations are Purchase, Stock-taking and Return on Consignment. During these operations, the quantity of goods in stock increases and the average price of the products is recalculated. Through receiving operations, product quantities can be entered into the program.

Dispatch operations

The dispatch operations subtract the quantity of stock from a given inventory. With these operations, quantities cannot be entered, but can be reset to zero. Operations of such type are Sale, Waste, Write-off, etc.


The stock-taking can be simultaneously a purchase and a dispatch operation. If the new quantity is higher that the available one, the quantity of the good increases and the operation becomes a purchase. If, during stock-taking, a quantity lower that the available one is detected, the stock-taking becomes a dispatching operation. A recommendable way for entering quantities is through Stock-taking. Further info is published in Entering of Initial Quantities.


Production is an operation, which generates receiving and dispatching simultaneously. When executing production, the quantity of raw materials is reduced, yet the quantities of the products increase. This operation can be also used for the entering of quantities of goods.

Operations without altering the quantity of products

There are a number of operations which do not change the quantity of products. The operations themselves create documents, but do not have any impact upon the movement of goods and their stock availability. Such operations are Offer, Order, Request, etc.

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