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During the initial setup of the program, entering of initial quantities of the products is performed. This process encompasses all inventories, which had been in stock before the software product was introduced. In Microinvest Warehouse Pro, the entering can be done with the help of the “Purchases” and “Stock-taking” function.


Initial Quantities with Stock-taking

The recommended way for entering of product quantities is through one or several consecutive Stock-taking. When entering the initial quantities, it is important for the correct delivery or sales price to be set up, each product to exist in an operation once and all products in stock to be arranged accordingly. A potential drawback that can be outlined is the lack of an option for entering the credits of partners. Yet, this is due to fact that the operations entered are internal and no partners are involved.

Initial Quantities with Purchases

An alternative method for entering of initial quantities is via one or several Purchases operations. With Purchases, quantities and sales prices of products are entered. The operation allows for a supplier to be chosen and the potential entering of obligations, payment deadlines and debt maturity dates.

Other Specific Features

With the listed mechanisms, regardless whether with Purchases or Stock-taking, the product prices are determined. It is important that the correct prices be entered, since this is the starting point for the next average-weighted prices. During the entering of operations no editing of a document or adding new products to documents should take place. This automatically disables the algorithms for average price and thus the purchase prices are distorted. Each document must be filled in in a sequence and must not be edited after being saved.


Microinvest Warehouse Pro has a number of features that facilitate the entering of operations. The lists with nomenclatures and operations can be pre-entered and pre-set in Excel and then to be imported in the program. Furthermore, this technology allows for the automatic calculation of a markup percentage of products, as well as the summing of similar product items.


In order to successfully implement the product, it is important that the following sequence of initial defining of quantities be used:

  • Inventory entering of all products must be made. When possible, an Excel file should be imported, as this would save a considerable amount of time afterwards.
  • All purchase and sale prices of the products are calculated
  • Products are divided into groups
  • For each group of products, a document is entered and attached;
  • The real work with the delivery and sales program begins only when the process of initial inventory modifying is completed.

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