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Discounts provided as electronic points create a very advanced technology for attracting more clients. As opposed to the traditional technology for a particular discount, the electronic points provide different advantages for the owners of the restaurant. Moreover, it provides a positive emotional load to the clients, too.



The terms electronic points and virtual money are connected to the discounts that are accumulated in the clients’ cards. Unlike the traditional discount, the whole amount of money stays in the restaurant. You can determine the following main differences:

  • When there is a standard discount of 5 % for an amount of 100 EUR, the client pays 95 EUR. In this way, less money comes to the treasury of the company;
  • When there is 5% discount in electronic points for an amount of 100 EUR the client pays 100 EUR and 5 EUR is accumulated as virtual money. In this way, the whole amount of money comes to the treasury of the company.

Technology of working

The technology of working with electronic points consists of three stages:

  1. Definition of the partners, attachments of the individual clients’ cards of the partners and creation of prices’ rules for collecting electronic points. This can be done once and the system is ready for work. The introduction of many cards is done in the easiest way by using Excel;
  2. Real sales to the clients. The clients are identified with the help of the cards and in this way at the end of the sale the electronic points are collected;
  3. When the quantity of the electronic points is enough for executing the operation, then during the sale it is possible to activate the “combined payment”, where the program fills in automatically the collected points in the column “Pre-payment”. The sale can be paid by “Pre-payment” and the amount is removed from the electronic points of the client.


The definition of discount, which is expressed as electronic points, is done by module Price Rules. The function is very specific and could not be added by the standard interface. You can use the technology of adding an already created script for a specialized interface of the module. For the necessary script, you can contact Microinvest headquarter.


References for using the electronic points, the pre-payment and the other similar operations are not much different from the standard references. The division could be done by adding a filter for “Pre-payment”. In terms of printed documents there are certain rules for creating a fiscal or official document. Each card presents an individual partner and in this way you can follow the activity of each partner.

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