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Modern technology enables new ways of customer service. Thanks to Microinvest eMenuPro, every restaurant can create individual electronic menu for every single table. In this way, orders are highly interactive and customers are given new opportunities.


Purpose of the Electronic Menu

The electronic menu is similar to traditional paper menus that are offered to customers in restaurants and cafés. This is an interactive system designed for customers. Through Microinvest eMenu Pro , customers can view the menu on a portable device and make their choice. The clients can order food and drinks from the place they are sitting at. They can also see the current balance on their bill, active promotions, division of the goods into groups and other parameters. Electronic menu is in constant touch with the central system and is managed dynamically. This allows changes in each indicator of the goods – stock, price or image. Thanks to the centralized management of the system, there is greater flexibility for managers, who can adapt their products according to customers’ preferences, without having to change the paper menu in the restaurant.

Technology and Realization

The technology for installing and managing Microinvest eMenu Pro is the following:

  • Microinvest eMenu Pro is installed on one of the central computers, which is a specialized Web server. This computer receives an individual IP address or name;
  • An inexpensive terminal, often working with Android, is placed on each table. This device displays the information submitted by the central Web server. This way, every waiter receives the customer’s service in electronic way;
  • The central server prints a document for the order and waiters are aware of the client’s choice;
  • Every customer sees only his orders and can control his bill;
  • Completion and payment are made only by waiters through Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light.

Thus constructed, the system is completely secure and there is no danger of improper actions by customers. This allows working with a lot of different tables and devices, which shortens the time for collection and processing the orders.

Printing System

The technology for printing intermediate documents to waiters, the bar or the kitchen is based on the relationship between Microinvest eMenuPro and Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light. Microinvest eMenu Pro gives the final order to the system and sends a request for printing to Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light. Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light processes the order and creates documents in the same way that they would have been created if a waiter has taken the order.

Features and settings

The setup of Microinvest eMenu Pro can be defined on two different ways:

  • When the device works under the management of a client and is attached to a specific table in the restaurant. Then there is no opportunity for choosing a table or other parameters and the device is servicing only one table. In this way, the number of the devices is equal to the number of tables in the saloon.
  • In cases where the device is mobile and is in the hands of the waiters. Then a change of the table and other data is allowed. In this case, the number of devices is equal to the number of waiters. Every waiter works with only one device and is servicing a couple of tables in the same time.

The change between the two technologies is very easy and does not require any special resources. The type of the technology depends only on the managers and can be switched dynamically.

Supported Platforms

The system works through Web Browser without using complicated technology. That is why the whole system can use Android, iOS, WebOS, Windows Mobile and standard Windows/ Linux platforms. The most important element is the presence of a Web Browser, running on full screen and without access to the resources of the operating system.

Economic Impact

The economic impact of implementing Microinvest eMenuPro can be viewed in two different aspects:

  • Many clients are attracted to new technology, they like the innovations and are eager to work with this type of system;
  • The opportunity of electronic orders allows every client to order at the exact moment in which he wants a current dish or drink, no matter there is a waiter or not. This also extends consumption and furthermore the turnover of the restaurant.

Practice shows that implementing of such system increases the turnover of the restaurant in a direct /more clients/ or an indirect more orders/ way.

Anti-theft System

There are issues about the security of the system and a potential theft of the device. The easiest decision to this problem is placing an active RFID label on every device and implementing an anti-theft system on the doors of the place. In this way the system activates if the customers tries to steal a device. This is a 100% precaution.


The electronic menu is extremely attractive to customers. That is why all avant-garde restaurants, cafes, or bars have the potential to have this system for orders. As a whole using new technology attracts people and increases the revenue. Special attention should be paid to the batteries of the device. It is necessary that normal work for every active period of the work of the restaurant is ensured and charging of the device for a very short time is guaranteed. Alternatively, there can be connectivity of every device to constant power so there is no necessity of an autonomous work of a battery.

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