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In the products of Microinvest, there is a flexible mechanism for the management of a wide variety of fiscal and other types of peripheral devices. Through a universal library, this mechanism is available from the front and the back office and has a centralized management. The name of the library file is DeviceManager.dll.


Structure and Management

A unified structure, which is the kind of a separate library, is used for the management of the peripheral devices. This library resembles a specialized DLL file, which contains a set of different protocols and numerous functions, intended for each separate peripheral device. The presence of a single library ensures comfortable work, centralized management of the devices (by all products) and universality in the setup.

Versions and Compatibility of the DLL Library

A given DDL file has its own internal version. This version ensures the compatibility when working with the current versions of Microinvest Warehouse Pro and Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light. The purpose of this is to eliminate problems, occurring in situations when there are different versions of the program and the fiscal device management library.

Installation of the Universal Driver

The library is part of Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light and is automatically installed during the installation of this product. Therefore, specialists should not worry about any additional installations or other processes. The system is automatically set up and the library is present as a part of the main software product.
When installing Microinvest Warehouse Pro (back office), this library is not part of the package and is not added automatically. Rather, the free product Microinvest Device Manager is designed for this purpose, as it manages the fiscal devices and adds the DLL library to the system. In this case, when cash registers or fiscal printers are to be managed by Microinvest Warehouse Pro, an additional installation of Microinvest Device Manager is necessary.

Registering the Library

In rare cases, a replacement of the DLL file is necessary. As it is used by and is part of many programs, this DLL file is registered in the system. This is usually done by the installation wizard, but in certain situations it is necessary that service specialists replace this file manually. Then, the following procedure is observed:

  1. The file is copied to the computer, usually in the folder of Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light;
  2. The old version of the file is replaced with the newest one;
  3. In the folder of Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light, a DOS window appears and the following command is performed: RegSvr32 DeviceManager.dll

With this, the process of registering the library is complete.

Products, Which Use DLL

One DLL is used in several products:

From a client’s viewpoint, it is essential that all products be with one and the same version (to be simultaneously downloaded from the site or another carrier). If not, it can turn out that they require different fiscal library versions and only a part of them work with the available DLL, while the rest do not.

Work Mechanism

The main program (Microinvest Warehouse Pro, for instance) forms an order for printing to a cash register and sends it to the library. The sending is done in compliance with the Windows mechanisms for management of Active X controls and cannot be controlled by the users. The function for cash register managements performs it activity and inconspicuously returns the management to the main program. In this way, users cannot spot that the communication with the device is achieved through an external DLL – they see the program, which performs the print order.

Setup of Peripheral Devices

In Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light, the setup of the devices is a part of the program. All options for selection of a device and connection parameters are integrated in the main setup window.
In the other programs, Microinvest Warehouse Pro in particular, there is no window for setup of the device connection parameters. That is why a combined mechanism is used, Along with the DLL library there is the product Microinvest Device Manager, which enables a detailed selection and settings of the cash register. After that, this setting is valid for all other products. Through this mechanism, the users perform the setup of Microinvest Device Manager as a separate program, while the main product- Microinvest Warehouse Pro uses the already made and saved setting for connection with cash registers.

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