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Microinvest provides a mechanism for automatic definition of items (clothes, shoes) with a variety of sizes, designs and colors. Using additional Excel file, a tree-like nomenclature of items with predefined parameters is created. This nomenclature is imported into the program and added to the existing one.



The proposed technology solves all issues with defining and tracking of similar products with different characteristics. The technology allows for modeling of the parameters before they are entered in the program. Data import can be done only when optimal distribution of items is achieved. This technology saves user time for entering or deleting irrelevant defined nomenclatures.

The technology

The technology is very easy and includes 5 steps:

  • Downloading Excel file with macros option for automatically defining the items in it;
  • Completion of the basic parameters of the items (name, size, price, etc.);
  • Execution of automatic macros to create the nomenclature;
  • If there are additional items, repeat steps 2 and 3;
  • Save the file and import the data in Microinvest Warehouse Pro;

Most of the steps are automated and require no special technical skills. The importation is automatically set, and the program automatically fills in the necessary parameters.


To operate this technology, it is necessary to have Excel version 2003 or higher installed, with permissions for macros. The technology allows for creating several sets of nomenclatures, which makes the importation of large amount of data much easier. The maximum quantity of inputs simultaneously introduced is 5000.


That file can be downloaded at the following address: Dress And Shoes. It is desirable that the file be marked as Read-Only and all changes are recorded in different names to protect against possible overlap of data.

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