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Microinvest Warehouse Pro and the other products of this line support all standard functions for managing of lists - in this case, the functions Drag & Drop. With these functions the accomplishment of specific operations is faster, for example the movement of different elements from one group into another, and the editing of items at the same time.

The Use of Drag & Drop

“Drag & Drop” functions work in all windows related to all nomenclatures (goods, partners, outlets and operators). One or several items are marked and while they are “Hold” with the mouse, you place them in the new field. In this way the program implements the command for moving the list of items from one group to another.

Rules for security

The program automatically warns during the movement of several items. This warning could be turned off from the user. In all cases, the operations concerning the movement of the list of items should be done carefully, because if the elements are “Dropped” in the wrong place (wrong group), there is no automatic mechanism for their return in the first group.

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