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Microinvest makes special efforts for creating and maintaining a qualified documentation of its products. By wide range of service and clients documentation the products become more understandable and more available for clients, service engineers, computer specialists and amateurs. For all of them it is very important to know this documentation and to use it effectively.


Types of documentation

The documentation is divided into the following types according their use:

  • Documentation for users
  • Presentations for opportunities
  • Service documentation for partners

According to the media and the format, the documentation is divided into:

  • Paper documentation
  • Electronic documentation

Documentation for users

The documentation for users exists in a paper or an electronic type. The paper one actually is “Guidebook for the user” which describes in details the work of the program products as it gives examples for the practical use of the functions and the connections between them. “Guidebook for the user” is being sold separately from the program product and it can be ordered by the clients. An electronic version also exists. It is built in the program product and can be activated by clicking on F1 in every window. Its functions are described there. This is the most progressive method for describing the functions of this product, that allows the clients to get immediately all the necessary information for the work of the program product.

Service documentation

The service documentation exists only in an electronic type. It is divided into opened records and partner records. The opened service records describe the main functions of the product work, the opportunities for the settings and the data options. Most of the daily problems are solved by it. The partner records consist of set of passwords for unlocking certain functions of the product, access to data, description of the internal structure, etc. The partner records solve the problems for the product development, creation of complex systems and integration of solutions. It is available via the website of Microinvest by adding individual codes for access to the partner section.

Presentations and Guidelines

Presentations are guidelines for solving particular problems. A presentation for the settings describes the questions for creating replications for servers, creation of users’ documents, etc. In this case, not only the description and the functions are shown but also the individual windows and their necessary settings. The presentations are available on the site in the users’ section.

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