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Modern software is extremely adaptable to print forms and outline of the documents. Microinvest makes special efforts to make full use of modern technology and printers. In the products, there have been included styles for separate documents. Depending on the needs of customers, printed forms can be modified to ensure an impeccable presentation of the documents issued.


Document Style

Visual style of the documents is built only in Microinvest Warehouse Pro. The choice of a document is through the Edit/Administration/Print Manager menu. In this way, every document can be with custom outline and reflects the specificity of each company.


The advantages of the documents’ style are:

  • Opportunity for creating an individual documents
  • Opportunity to modify already existing documents and adding extra elements
  • Management of tables with goods, partners and objects
  • Combination between standard documents and documents which have been developed trough user requirements
  • Adding logo and other personal data

Work Technology

The document styles have been realized as separate Crystal Reports or Excel files. Every file is one document and can be joined to a separate operation. The setup is at the workplace level and can be individualized. The technology of the changed documents is 100% identical with the standard documents. It is necessary that the documents be activated for printing the appropriate information. It is important to note that the latest version of the product is required.


Microinvest Warehouse Pro enables adding a company logo to the documents.

The technology for this is the following:

  • Selection of the document
  • The document is opened with Crystal Reports
  • The company’s logo in the document is added, and he is saved with the same or new name
  • The modified document is indicated for the current operation in menu Edit/ Administration/ Print Manager

Document Packages

One of the characteristics of the products of Microinvest is the location of documents. For every country and language there are separate sets of documents. This means that one of the most important parameters trough installation and configuration of the products is the right choice of a country and language. After that, the documents can be selected and modified. If this is not respected, it is likely that the documents do not meet the statutory requirements of the relevant legislation.

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