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In rare cases, there can be discrepancy between the report “Items in stock” and the report “Availability as of”. There is service technology which equalizes the two reports and corrects the discrepancy.


Items in stock

The quantities of goods can be obtained by two different mechanisms. One mechanism represents snapshots of the goods; this is the report “Items in stock”. This report works very fast and retrieves data from the database immediately. Information is equivalent to the quantities that appear in the windows for selection of the nomenclature of goods. In other words, the report “Items in stock” is equal to the quantities which appear when F4 button is pressed while choosing goods.

The second technology is through the conversion of all operations in the warehouse. This technology is slower, requires serious adjustment, but reflects actual operations and is always accurate. It is consistent with the report „Аvailability as of”, when the date is equal to today’s date.

Equalization of the Quantities

There is a service function which equalizes the two reports. The function „Rebuild items” performs this equalization by transferring the values from report „Availability as of” to report „Items in stock”. This operation is available trough menu Edit/Administration/Service menu /Rebuild items in stock. After choosing the function it is important to confirm the following warning: After choosing the function it is important to confirm the following warning: “Warning! Rebuilding of items in stock is not recommended and must be used carefully. In replication mode this function can lead to data overload. Do you want to continue?” If you select “YES” the function “Rebuild items” will be performed. If you select “NO” the function will not be performed.

Important Features

The function „Rebuild items in stock” is not required to be started when other user works with the database. This can prevent the proper execution and even to confuse data. It is extremely important not to interrupt the operation, no matter how long it will take. You should always wait for the completion of the operation. When working with the products in a “Replication of Data” regime, the “Rebuild items in stock” function is not recommended to be performed on another computer different than the central server.You should know that this feature will require huge data traffic for synchronization of quantities such as mode of replication and all servers will be gradually synchronized.

Reasons for Differences

There are several causes of these discrepancies and it is important to be eliminated from the daily work. The reasons are:

  • Editing the same document at the same time of two workstations
  • An operation performed in the future. Then, in the “Availability as of” report the operations in the future are not included.
  • Operation on behalf of mobile operator. In this case the mobile device does not imply that the central office changed its data.
  • Perform stock- taking while another user performs an operation with the same goods. In this case it is not clear if the operation is before or after the stock- taking.
  • Deleting a document, while the same document is edited.
  • Perform stock- taking while someone on another computer is deleting a document.

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