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The discount cards are individual identifier for each client, which allows the accumulation of discounts, making payments, accumulation of different bonuses or monitoring of the preference and the activity of each buyer. The client cards are part of the contemporary business ideology and allow the introduction of more flexible technologies for individual treatment to the clients.


Purpose of the Clients’ card

Through a set of unique numerical codes, every client receives an opportunity to be part of the advanced system for an individual service. By this code, the clients have personal parameters (balance, preferences, discounts, etc.). These parameters determine the deals. For example, the individual discounts, where a particular client or a group of clients receives a 5% discount in certain conditions.

Types of Cards

The cards can be made through different technologies:

  1. A plastic card with a barcode;
  2. A plastic card with a magnetic stripe;
  3. A plastic card with an embedded RFID chip;
  4. A paper card with a unique code or a barcode;
  5. A coupon, a ticket or a voucher;
  6. Other identifier, made in a way to be comfortable to carry it with you;

There is a due date for some of the cards and after that they should be renewed or closed.

Cards in Microinvest

In the products of Microinvest each client card is added as a separate partner. After that its number is added to the client card and is connected to this partner. The discount operations, payments and others are done by this partner. His name could be real as “Ivan Ivanov” or could be virtual as “Card N012345”.

Discounts and working with cards

The discounts that are made with these cards are part of the integrated system for discounts, Price Groups and Price Rules. Their detailed use in the products of Microinvest is described in the contemporary Database and you could find there a concrete type of discount for the client.

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