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Direct Production is a vanguard production module, which does not require a preliminary entering of recipes. Through direct production, products which are not repeated and have a unique or a changing input of raw materials can be produced.


Comparison with Standard Production

Direct production differs Standard Production in two main aspects:

  • Direct production is performed without a pre-entered recipe;
  • Direct production can include a random number of raw materials in the beginning and a random number of end-products as a result.

In direct production, there is allocation of the value of the raw materials to all products.

Comparison with Complex Production

Direct production uses an algorithm, similar to the algorithm of Complex Production. The main difference is that with direct production, a limitless amount of raw materials and inputs, which are not in any way associated with predefined pre-inputted recipes, can be entered. After opening the operation, the ration between the raw materials and the resultant products is filled and, when saved, they are immediately dispatched or received.

Documents and Reports

After performing the complex production, the respective documents and reports are analogous to the reports for complex production. The direct production is, in its essence, complex production, but is not related in any way to the pre-inputted recipe and can be modified during the working process. All raw materials, products, ratios, quantities and prices are dynamic and are entered at the moment the operation data is filled. The calculation of the value of the products is also done in real time.

Area of Application

The best examples for using the direct production function are manufacturing plants for furniture or the preparation of buffet breakfast. With these two examples, the ratio of material inputs is individual with every order and the usage of recipes can only unnecessarily complicate the process.

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