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Microinvest Warehouse Pro allows for editing and cancelling of a good within a document containing more than one good. The following sequence can be performed for any operation, and this sample sequence illustrates a Sales operation.


Rules and Specific Features

When editing a document, several rules should be followed:

  • A document can be edited only if there isn’t any invoice or any other document attached to it;
  • Sometimes, certain parts of the documents affect other documents. In rare cases, after the editing of a certain document an additional procedure for recalculating of price and quantity, for example, may be necessary.
  • In order to make certain edits, Administrator or Owner access rights are required.

Work Sequence

In order to edit a document, the following must be done:

  • The document is selected through the Edit/Documents/Sales menu;
  • Corrections to the document are entered. The correction can encompass one or more text rows.

The document is saved into the system by pressing F9 or by the standard technology for saving a document.

Cancelling of a Separate Product Item

The program enables the cancellation of a separate product item in the document. The standard technology for deleting a product item by pressing Ctrl-Del is used. When saving the document, the product items which have been changed will be immediately corrected. If the selected product item is missing from the document, it will not be included in the operation, or, in other words, will be cancelled from the operation. An alternative way to edit or cancel a given product item is by placing a 0 quantity (amount) in the operation. In a document edit, Microinvest Warehouse Pro enables the setting up of a 0 quantity of the product, and if saved, the program automatically removes the product item from the operation. If all the product items are placed with 0s in their quantities (amounts), the program will automatically delete the whole document itself.

Replacement of a Separate Product Item in the Document

The program allows for a certain product item to be replaced by another product item in the document. The document must be open in an editing regime, the operator must find the necessary product and to select another product item instead of the previous one. After the new product item is entered into the table, the document must be saved, as the program itself recalculates the amount of the replaced product item and the amount of the newly entered product item.

Control of the Edits

Microinvest Warehouse Pro ensures two mechanisms for the management and control of edits. The main one is the differentiation in access rights, via which the edit of a document by a certain user can be enabled or disabled. This guarantees further control and prevention of misuse. The second mechanism is the option to generate an report about all edited documents. This report is accessible through the Edit/Administration/Service menu/Application Log.

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