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Microinvest Warehouse Pro has a powerful system for defining and managing of nomenclatures (lists). The nomenclatures can be edited, added, deleted and moved at any time. Nevertheless, with the aim of protecting data, several restrictions to their deletion have been enabled.


Deleting of Nomenclatures

The program allows two types of deleting:

  • ”Physical Delete” – the product is deleted from the database, and no clue of its existence is left;
  • ” Logical Delete” – the product remains in the database, but is specially marked and is not visible during standard operations.

Physical Delete

With physical delete, the product is deleted from the database and no clue of it remains. The record of the list and all related identifiers are removed. In order for the deletion of the product to be physically successful, all operations in which the product is involved should be cancelled: “Sale”, “Purchase”, “Tranfer”, “Waste”, “Write-off”, “Refund” “Production”, “Complex Production”, “Recipe”, “Complex Recipe”, “Notifications”, “Consignment”, “Orders”, “Offer”, “Requests”, “Proforma Invoices”, “Warranty Cards” and “Stock-taking”. This is a condition, which is checked by the program in order for the action to be allowed. If there exists at least one operation with this product, the physical delete is impossible and will not be performed.

Logical Delete

The logical delete marks the good as deleted and hides it in the lists. The good is not visualized, but exists physically in the database. The logical delete is allowed at any time, no matter the executed operations. In order to delete a product logically, the product is selected from the Edit/Items, a tick is placed for “Show All” in the lower right angle of the box. The logically deleted operations are displayed in gray colour. In order for the product to reappear in the nomenclature, select the Edit button and from the drop-down menu for product condition, select “The item is in use”.

Additional Information

The mechanism for product deletion is applicable to any nomenclature in the program. In the same way, a location or a user can be deleted. In this description, only the products nomenclature has been shown; yet the mechanism concerning the other types of nomenclatures does not differ from it in any way.

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