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In order to define pictures of products in the Restaurant Mode of Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light, it is necessary that several steps be performed.


Procedure for Placing the Icons of the Products

  • A folder named Pictures is created in the folder of Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light;
  • All programs must have a unique digit code, without letters;
  • The pictures of the products are copied into the folder, as the rule is the following: “ To a product with code 100 corresponds a picture named 100.jpg or 100.bmp. To a product with code 101 corresponds a picture, named 101.jpg or 101.bmp, etc.”

The program must be switched to Visual Style 2 or Visual Style 3

Picture Size

The most appropriate picture size is: 800x600 Resolution – the size of the pictures to be 77x35 1024x768 Resolution – the size of the pictures to be 102x47 1280x1024 Resolution – the size of the pictures to be 131x60

Advertising Video Clips

When Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light is in a password awaiting regime, advertising and commercial videos can be projected through it. Not only that, but several video clips can be rotated on the computer screen. The rules for setup of this option are the following:

  • In the same Pictures folder, videos in AVI format can be placed as well;
  • The most appropriate video size is 720x480;
  • The program automatically resizes the video, if the size is not appropriate;
  • It is necessary that the suitable Codec for video-stream is installed;
  • The program automatically installed an XviD Codec during Automatic installation from the Microinvest CD.

Additional Settings

The pictures are only visible when Visual Style 2 or Visual Style 3 is enabled. If the icons are smaller than the button size, it is also possible to enter text. In order to facilitate users, Microinvest has created a library of over 3000 default icons of the most popular products in the world.

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