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Microinvestsoftware products do not require working with exact accounting periods. It is not necessary to close one and open another. Modern technology of data recording and processing allows working without interrupting the operations and avoids allocating data into different periods.


Monthly reports

Creating a report option enables generating a monthly report. In order to create a report on a monthly basis should be filled start and end dates of the period in the report`s filter. In this way the filter itself determines the period and the data, included in the month. Constructed in such a way the report is analogical to a monthly report, based on given parameters.

Annual reports

Annual reports could be created in the same way as monthly reports are. If the start and end dates are 1 January and 31 December the program will create an annual report, based on the given parameters. The system is flexible and allows setting an annual report that differs from a calendar year, for example, from 15th May previous year to 14th May current year.

Periodical reports

Periodical reports work the same way. Setting start and end dates allows a random periodical report to be created. If the filter indicates to the target period, the report should extract the required data.


The lack of preliminary defined periods is a huge advantage for the users, thus criteria could change abruptly and therefore the depth and sections of the report would not be bound to the close-end operations. Filtering the data by date allows information analysis on random time range and depends entirely on management requirements.

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