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Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light works with different types of scales. All popular modern technological methods for working with scales are incorporated in the program. By using the appropriate settings, the program can fulfill all customer requirements for dealing with mass commodities and other types of products, which are divided and measured in different quantities and units of mass.



In practice, two technological methods for work with electronic scales exist.

  • Direct connection between the computer and the scale;
  • Stamping of a weight label

In both methods, the setting of the scales is performed in one and the same way. The difference is in the service.

Direct Connection

When a direct connection is used, the scale is connected to the cashier’s workstation though a cable. The cashier places the product on the scale and selects it from the list of products. According to the product’s settings, Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light sends an enquiry to the scale and automatically receives the weight of the product, which is filled in the Sales field. According to the requirements of the operator, the weighting can be made by pressing a keyboard button (usually, Ctrl-F). In this case, the scale does not have any programmed product items and the price is calculated by the computer. The distance between a scale and a computer is approximately 1 meter, so the two devices are simultaneously operated by the cashier. This technology is convenient for small shops, where there is no separation of stands and the cashier performs most of the measuring and selling of products. A scale of such type is Mercury 315.

Weight Barcode

The work of the weight barcode is structured in a different way. The front office application creates a list of the mass commodities in the scale and the scale itself prints a weight barcode label when measuring the weight of the product. The scale can be placed on a distance from the cashier and works completely autonomously. It has its own keyboard for selection of products and has its own memory for names, codes, prices and labels. The scale has an incorporated or an external printer of labels on adhesive paper. This technology is convenient for medium-size and large shops, where there is separation according to stands. The measuring of the products is achieved by the clients themselves or by the stand personnel, and a barcode with name, price and weight is printed over the product item. A scale of such type is CAS LP 1.6.

Other Work Parameters

The connection with the scales is achieved through Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light. The front-office technology for programming and connecting of the scales is dictated by the following considerations:

  1. The entire management of the peripheral devices should be done by the people who are constantly in the shop, i.e. the cashiers, in most cases. Namely, these cashiers operate the Front Office program;
  2. The capability of managing the peripheral devices is controlled by setting user rights of access, as this solves the problem of defining roles and allows for precise management of the rights of the operators;
  3. The programming of the periphery through the Back Office is not a good decision, since it requires constant presence of the managers or shop owners in the retail establishment –something that is rarely possible in practice;
  4. During direct work, no programming of the scale is necessary. When working with weight barcodes, the function “Programming electronic scale”, which is located in the management panel of Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light, is used.

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