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For the purpose of concrete and purposeful work, the products of Microinvest require correct installation of several subsidiary packages. They are called prerequisites and are part of the program assurance. They are installed from the main installation of the program. In different situations it is possible some of the packages to be installed incorrectly (or not to work properly) and to interrupt the stable working process of the products. Then, it is necessary the concrete package to be de installed and after that to be installed again, using a source with guaranteed quality.


Windows Installer 3.1

The products of Microinvest use complex and interrelated technology of installation. For this reason the version of Windows Installer is necessary to be no earlier than 3.1. Before the beginning of the main installation, Microinvest Warehouse Pro checks and installs Window Installer 3.1. The same product could be downloaded from [1]

Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0

Microinvest.NET Framework is a technology for managing software applications, implemented in the contemporary operation systems. Most of the program products, created by Microinvest , required correct installed and work platform Microinvest.NET Framework 2.0. Autonomous installer of Microinvest.NET 2.0 could be downloaded from the following address [2] . It is important to install the latest version of the package with all the possible updates.

Internet Explorer 6.0

The use of Microinvest.NET Framework 2.0 required a version of the Internet Explorer not older than 6.0. When it is necessary, the installation program adds Internet Explorer 6.0.


MDAC or Microsoft Data Access Components is a group of libraries for managing the databases. The products of Microinvest required these libraries in order to save, transfer and obtain data from the particular database. The last version of MDAC could be downloaded from [3]. It is important to install the latest version of the package with all possible updates.

Microsoft JET 4.0

Microsoft JET 4.0 is a library for saving and managing the databases in Access format. The library allows the automatic work of the product when MDB files are used. A specific feature of Microinvest JET 4.0 is the specialized versions for Russia, Armenia, Georgia. It is important to install the latest version of the package with all the possible actualizations.

Crystal Reports

The products of Microinvest use system for developing of documents in the format of Crystal Reports. This package is a subsidiary and allows visualization and print of the documents. Crystal Reports do not have autonomous installer, but during the installation of Microinvest Warehouse Prothe needed packages are checked and added.

Update for Microsoft Office 2003

In specific situations, when there is installed Microsoft Office 2003, it is necessary to actualize this product. Without this actualization, not always the work with the active Excel documents in Microinvest Warehouse Pro is possible. This update could be downloaded from the following address[4].

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