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The Complex Production module is a universal production module which performs repetitive production processes, described in a complex recipe. Through this type of production, several products which have a constant and pre-defined raw materials input, can be simultaneously produced. During the process, one or more raw materials are processed, as it is possible that there are one or more end products.


Production Characteristics

During Complex Production, the following situations can be encountered:

  • One product is produced of one raw material. This is a process of transformation;
  • One product is produced of several raw materials. This is a process of unification;
  • Several products are produced of one raw material. This is a process of divergence;
  • Several products are produced of several raw materials. This is also a process of divergence;

The selection of a working mechanism depends on the particular task and is performed in one and the same way.

Difference with Standard Production

  • The Standard Production mode uses a complex algorithm for allocation of values. During production, the following steps are performed:
  • The necessary quantity of raw materials is calculated by multiplying the recipe with the set production quantity;
  • The quantity of raw materials decreases, while the quantity of products increases according to the ratio of the selected recipe.

It is important to outline that Complex Production requires the correct entering of the Retail Price of all raw materials and materials.

Difference with Direct Production

The Complex Production module differs from Direct Production only in the sense that Complex production uses a predefined pre-inputted recipe. In this type of Production, the sum of the value of the raw materials is equal to the sum of the value of the end products.

Documents and Reports

After performing Complex Production, the respective documents and reports are available through the Edit and Reports menu, subsection Complex Production. The calculations of the product values are also performed in real time.


The best examples of the applicability of Complex Production are industrial units for processing of meat and automobile servicing depots. In such businesses, a rigid work recipe is set and strictly monitored. Changes in the recipes are rare, as there is a high rate of repetitiveness in the processes which take place in these businesses.

Specific Features

The complex production produces a ratio of several products. When the quantity of one of the products changes, the ratio of the respective raw materials changes as well.

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