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Microinvest’s products have a number of parameters that can be entered into the programs. These parameters change the performance of the products, determine certain tasks of the programs’ behavior, configure compatibility and other particularities. A list of those parameters follows. The parameters could be arranged in a random sequence or combined with each other.


Microinvest Warehouse Pro

A list of the parameters that are supported by and modify the performance of Microinvest Warehouse Pro follows:

  • /NoLogo – this parameter turns off the logo screen of the product when starting the program. It is used in case of working with a terminal server or a weak connection, in which case the logo slows down the loading of the program;
  • /EnableInstanceCheck – this parameter enables a single working copy of the program check. When this parameter is added it is impossible to launch two separate copies of Microinvest Warehouse Pro on the same computer;
  • /DisableServiceDataBase – this parameter restricts the creation of a service database. In case of no connection to the current database, the program ceases working.
  • /DisableTimeOut – the parameter enables a Timeout of 30 minutes for the server’s activity. It is used when converting a huge database and the server cannot perform faster.
  • /Config0 to /Config9 – creates different configurations, each with its own setting;
  • /FiscalDeviceMode – this parameter changes the method of calculating and rounding if the sums in the program so that they are going to be synchronized with the ones that are printed on a cash receipt.
  • /RoundUp – this parameter rounds the prices of the items when calculating the price in Production.

Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light

A list follows that contains the parameters supported by Microinvest Warehouse Pro that change its performance.

  • /Rest – a standard parameter that activate restaurant mode. Without it the program is launched in retail mode;
  • /AutoRefresh – enables automatic refreshing of the items’ quantities. In this case, the program constantly checks for new items and changes of prices and quantities. As a whole using this parameter highly troubles the network`s performance by creating huge traffic. Therefore it should be used very cautiously;
  • /CheckConnection – a parameter that constantly checks the connection to the database. If a problem occurs the program immediately displays a message. The parameter is used for unstable networks. Turning it on troubles the network traffic by its permanent checking of the database;
  • /NoError – a parameter that turns off the error checking for the peripherals (fiscal and kitchen printers, scales) and keeps the performance of the product without displaying messages. The parameter is suitable for unstable devices that interrupt the working of the operators;
  • /PortMon – turning on this parameter activates an internal monitoring of the ports that contain all data, sent or received by the peripherals. This parameter tracks the COM ports’ traffic , which diagnoses potential problems in the communication;
  • /StopExplorer – activates a special mode of the program that stops Windows Explorer while Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light is working. In this way, if the device is slowly working, system resources are saved and the product’s performance is enhanced. The parameter should be used cautiously thus it affects the whole system. It is optimized for Mercury 150.02 system;
  • /Fiscal – a parameter that modifies the reports in Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light. When it is turned on the reports display only data, received from the fiscal devices;
  • /ToKitchenPrinter – printing of a non-fiscal receipt when choosing ‘Remains as a debt’ and non-fiscal receipts to a kitchen printer only.
  • /OnePositionBON – parameter for activating printing of one position receipt;
  • /PrintBankPaymentBon – a command parameter for printing cash receipts when paying by bank transfer;
  • /Tray – an option for the program to work as a server for printing only. An icon appears in the Tray system;
  • /NoOrdersCheck – disables checking for simultaneously creation of one and a same order;
  • /NoPartnersSort – stops arranging the partners by Frequently used;
  • /AutoProductionOff – a parameter that turns off the automatic production on the current desktop;
  • /FastBarcodeDetection – accelerates barcode recognition. Turns off recognition of lots and other specific data, contained in the barcode;
  • /Config0 до Config9 – creates different configurations, each with its own setting;
  • /Local – activates internal system for translation of windows and functions. This parameter is used for locating or correcting the translation of the product into another language by the corresponding translator.


The parameters can be activated directly by the Start command or placed in the command panel of the corresponding icon that starts the product. Microinvest recommends careful using of these parameters, as they could change the performance of the whole program and sometimes that could be dangerous. That is why the parameters should be used as a last resort when traditional means do not help solving the problem.

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