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There are several types of club systems for customers in real life. According to their implementation or type of action, the club systems can be divided into:

  • Club systems that provide discounts
  • Club system that provide service status
  • Club systems with prepayment
  • Club systems without prepayment
  • Others


Club system that provides discounts

A system that is based on client cards is the most often used system for attracting clients. The owners of client cards can use certain discounts when they buy goods or services. This type of club system is based on the defining of many partners, attachment of a client card to a certain partner, making discounts, price rules and price groups of the particular partner or card. The work with the products is not different from the standard ones, with the only exception that the client card is read in the beginning of the operation. The percentage discount of the card is determined according to the entered rules.

Club system that provides service status

These client cards often are used not only for direct discounts but also for change of the service status. By adding client cards, it is possible to determine the individual due dates for paying the debts and collect electronic points (after some time they turn into real money). The particular discounts that the program would work with are added to the clients file in the beginning of the operation.

Club system with prepayment

The club system with prepayment is an advanced technology for automation of the service for adding cards, which make payments of goods for a limited period. Some amount of money is put into the card and the clients can use this card till the moment that the credit of the card is exhausted. The advantage of this technology is the perfect protection of owners of different restaurants. The disadvantage, on the other hand, is the three- step system for work (put money in the card; use the limit for purchases, report the card at the end). The prepayment uses the functions of adding payment in advance by a particular partner where this partner is associated with his client card.

Club system without prepayment

An alternative system lets all the clients to get a card at the entrance of a club or a restaurant, to make bills on these cards and to report the purchases at the end when the cashier calculates the sales and closes the debts of the cards.


All described systems can be realized by resources that are included in the products of Microinvest. It is important to mention that part of the systems can be combined and the most effective system for managing clients and discounts can be used. For each of the used cards there is a defined individual partner in advance.


Since each card is related to a particular partner, the references for the activity and the card operations are on the level of partners. The program gives an advantage for watching concrete operations for each card and for each partner.

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