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Microinvest software applications allow a work with different database. The speed of the work and the stability of the product are directly determined by the opportunities of the database and its purpose. The right choice is a necessary condition for a smooth work with the maximum allowed work.


Choosing the type of the database

When you introduce an exploitation of the software, it is important to provide the correct database. Unfortunately, there are no universal rules for choosing a database. The specialists for maintaining it can determine the type of the database only after they have gained some practical experience in real installations. The rules for choosing a database are the following:

  1. SQL server works faster and it is more reliable than Access;
  2. MS SQL and MSDE are faster than MySQL;
  3. When there is a weak/old computer, without a local network, Access loads the system less and it works better;
  4. Database above 30MB should work with SQL server;
  5. Database above 50 MB must work with SQL server;
  6. When you work by Internet you should use SQL server;
  7. It is not recommended to work with Access in a network;

With these simple rules you can achieve optimal results in the real introduction of the objects. The practical experience of the service engineers is also helpful for the effective management of the database.

Typical errors and problems

The errors that occur when you choose a database can be divided into three types:

  1. Reduced system reliability. This happens with overload of the Access base and there is an opportunity for a crush in the system;
  2. Not optimal performance. When the RAM memory is not so big, an additional installation of a SQL server can worsen the system productivity;
  3. Too powerful server. When the system is small and medium, it is enough to install the minimal configuration of the SQL server. If there is an additional lack of RAM memory, it would worsen the situation much more.

Access Features

When you work with Access Database you should know the following:

  1. It is not recommended to work via Internet or Wi-Fi networks. A disconnection can destroy the database;
  2. During an active work and many operations there would be a visible slowdown. When the database becomes bigger than 30MB it is recommended to plan a migration to the SQL server;
  3. It is not recommended to work in a network. However, it is used, the creation of Share Folder and Map Drive is mandatory. An access via \\Server\Folder is not allowed.

Features of MSDE

MSDE is a very reliable server. The features of this server could be listed in the following way:

  1. MSDE is not made to work with Windows 7;
  2. MSDE uses not more than 1 GB from its memory. If there is more RAM memory, it is not used;
  3. MSDE works with no more than 5 working places at once;

In small systems MSDE is an excellent choice and it replaces Access perfect.

Features in MySQL

MySQL is a free server, developed with the principles of the free code and with an opportunity for working with Linux. The following features exist in it:

  1. There is often no compatibility between the different versions of MySQL. This requires an additional setup by a specialist for the server during the actualization of its versions;
  2. The executions of different orders are very slow in a comparison to MS SQL and MSDE. This makes the whole work of the product very slow.
  3. In a sudden power failure, the database could probably be lost.

The shown problems justify MySQL to be used mainly with Internet systems and with working with Linux. In all other situations it is preferable to work with MS SQL server.

Features in MS SQL

For MS SQL it is important to mention the following rules:

  1. It is necessary to have at least 1GB RAM in the system. If not, it is possible to slow down the operations;
  2. The installation of MS SQL 2008 requires a full actualization of Windows till the last changes. If not, it rejects to be installed.


The practical work with the servers requires enough training of the service engineers. The described practices are global and do not cover all possible situations. It is recommended for the specialists to conduct their own tests for the opportunities and the features during the work with each type of database. Microinvest provides a free instrument for an easy convert of the database. The product is called DB Convert.

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