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Nowadays, it is very common to use flexible schemes and systems for discounts and stimulating the customers. One of the most popular methods of attracting customers during lunch time is the so-called “business lunch”. In its essence, this is a mechanism for discounts, valid for a certain period of time. The organization of such a discount is very easy to achieve with the products of Microinvest. There are several different methods for setting up discounts. In practice, every user can select any of these methods and even make a hybrid between them in the way it is most convenient.


Business Lunch – Type 1

Type 1 Business Lunch is based upon the usage of Happy Hour in Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light and the respective price group with discount. The work sequence is the following:

  • A price group, which contains the prices of the meals in the Business Lunch menu, is selected;

A new partner (Customer type) is entered, which is attached to this price group, is entered; From the settings of Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light, the hours during which this Business Lunch is active, are determined. As a client for this period, the newly created partner is selected. With this, the setup of the system is complete. The method works in the following way:

  • In the period, set up in the Happy Hour, the new customer is automatically selected;
  • This leads to a change in the standard prices with the selected price group;
  • All meals are marked according to this price group, which corresponds to the prices of the Business Lunch menu.

There are no changes or any additional setup. The work and functioning also do not differ from the standard work sequence in a “Restaurant” regime. This is the easiest way of setting a Business lunch.

Business Lunch – Type 2

Type 2 Business Lunch is based upon the usage of price rules. For each dish, a price rule is entered. The price rule states:” If the time is between 12:00 and 14:00, then change the price (or discount) to 3.50 EUR”. In this case, regardless of the customer, all price rules which are valid during this Business Lunch, take effect after the bill is closed. An advantage of this type of Business Lunch is the considerable flexibility is offers, since, for every meal, minimum quantity, time period, weekday or other conditions can be set. The rich functionality of Price Rules is used for realizing these discounts. The need of entering of a rule for each product item and its custom setting can be outlined as a potential difficulty here.

Business Lunch – Type 3

Type 3 is a hybrid between the first two business lunch types. A new group of products and a separate price rule, which apply to this group, are created. In this case, the price rule states: “If the good is part of the Business Lunch group and the time is between 12:00 and 14:00, then activate a certain price or discount or price group”. With Type 3, it is enough for one good to be moved in the selected group and it automatically becomes part of Business Lunch. The removal of the good from this group and its moving into another group automatically makes it a standard good, which is not involved in Business Lunch.

Business Lunch – Type 4

Type 4 is based on the constructing of a recipe and a pre-made ready Lunch Meal. The recipe contains a fixed selection of meals and displays them simultaneously, with a package price. As a sample recipe, the following meals (dishes) can be placed:

  • Soup;
  • Salad;
  • Main Dish
  • Dessert.

The waiters sell the respective recipe, which is named “Business Lunch #5”. The program displays a selection of product items. This is the most convenient way, through which the lunch menu consists of pre-made meals with a common price.


The described mechanisms represent only a small part of the capabilities of the products. The combination between price rules, discounts, price lists and Happy Hour provides a powerful tool for attracting customers with flexible offers and attractive prices.

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