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Microinvest offers a simple and effective technology for automation of fast food restaurants. Through the standard version of Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light and the respective suitable settings, you get very fast customer service.


Technology of working

There are two main technologies for automation of fast food restaurants:

  • Automation in restaurant mode;
  • Automation in mode of supermarket.

There is no difference in the results achieved by both technologies. The methodology of the product‘s work is a matter of personal choice and preference.

Working in restaurant mode

The technology of Fast food automation in restaurant mode is similar to the standard mode of operation in a restaurant with a reduced number of operations. The process of working consists of the following steps:

  • Creating of order in light regime without table selection
  • Finishing with direct payment

To achieve this result, it is necessarily to make the following product options:

  • A single object with number 100 for completing of orders must be created. All the stocks of the restaurant are in this object.
  • A single table with a code from 1 to 99 has to be defined. The table is marked as "frequently used".
  • Products, recipes and operators have to be put in the system. There is no peculiarity in the structure and implementation of these nomenclatures.
  • It is necessarily to switch to visual mode 3, so that all goods are displayed as buttons;
  • To exclude the possibility of interim orders you need the Setup menu.

With this setting the operator is able only to open an order without table selection (when the client comes to the door frame), to select all items and to complete the order (which is the process of payment). Practically all other operations are absent, which allows very fast system work. The advantage of this technology is the ability to manage and print through a kitchen printer in the selection of goods.

Working in supermarket mode

The technology of setting the supermarket mode does not differ from the standard setting for stores. Visual style 2 is activated as an optimization feature. Buttons with goods are included in the main screen of the product. Thus, the goods shall be selected by Touchscreen and the work of the operators is easy, fast and efficient. The advantage of this technology is accelerated work which does not require an operation to open the order. If it is necessary to add a kitchen printer, this printer is defined as the second fiscal printer in the system with its own set of printing parameters.


These technologies are easy to implement and set up, require practically no modification of the products or specialized software and accurately perform assigned tasks. As an additional benefit that can be outlined, there is a possibility for changing the settings and switching from one technology of working to another.

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