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Microinvest Warehouse Pro provides a powerful mechanism for importing data from any external Excel file. In order to aid the operators, considering the frequently repeating operations, the products contain technology for automatic setting up and filling in the minimal amount of data required for importing without an operator.


Nature of the technology

The imported Excel file can have its own table structure. That’s why there are several main parameters which indicate the range of goods, their columns and other parameters. The table itself could be placed in several work sheets (Excel Sheets).
When automatically importing data, there is one universal sheet, called “Setup”, that contains all basic settings of the importation and other parameters that process input files. In this sheet there is a list of the respective fields (column A), followed by the active setting (column B). This way the content of the sheet is analyzed and transferred to the program, in the settings window of the import operation. Example content of these settings is:

  • Data sheet, value “Sheet”
  • Start column, value 5
  • End column, value 100
  • Items code, value “A”
  • Items quantity , value “B”
  • Items name, value “C”

Bold parameters should be placed in columns A and B in the Setup sheet.

Basic settings

The minimal basic settings for data importation are:

  • Start column
  • End column
  • Items code (for importing operations)
  • Items quantity (for importing operations)
  • Items name

Exactly these data determine the import range and the data structure. Therefore, they are the minimum required for an automatic import in Microinvest Warehouse Pro.

Import and work language

The synchronization of the fields for automatic setting is performed by the field name. Therefore one of the most important features of the current technology is its differentiation by the chosen work language. A file in Russian is not suitable for importing data from an English one and vice versa. Field names are different and each import must have its own settings.

Working with other products

As the import from an Excel file allows adding products and operations, this technology is particularly suitable for data exchange between software products from different manufacturers. The standard scenario for such exchange is to create an Excel file from the exporting program, filled in the parameters for exchange simultaneously with the exportation and automatically import with Microinvest Warehouse Pro.

Special features

This technology completely covers the Dress&Shoes mechanism for automatic creation of nomenclatures of colors, sizes, models and manufacturers. In this case the Excel file fills automatically the beginning and end of the data range. The operator only needs to point out the location of the imported file. The whole process is completely automated. Despite the automatic nature of the importing process, the required fields are checked at each step. This excludes the possibility of partial setting and skipping importing essential data.

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