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Microinvest Warehouse Pro has a capability for running an automatic production of product items. Automatic Production is activated when a product, which has a recipe and the quantity is not sufficient, is sold or dispatched. The Automatic Production function produces the exact amount necessary for the proper performance of a given operation.



Automatic Production is a major program setting and once set up it activates a number of additional functionalities and different modules. On the outside, there is no change in the functioning of the operation, but on the inside, the internal management of quantities is changed.

Quantities Produced

The automatic production follows the following rules:

  • When the quantity of a product is sufficient for a given operation to be performed, no production is executed;
  • When the quantity of a product is zero, the exact amount needed for completing a sale, is produced;
  • When the quantity of a product is not zero, but is insufficient, only the quantity needed to reach sufficiency is produced, as the previously available and the produced quantities are simultaneously displayed during a sales operation. When summed, the total of the two quantities equals the quantity necessary for the sale to be executed.

Production Inputted

The automatic production uses raw materials. If any of the raw materials also has a recipe and the quantity is insufficient, the program automatically performs the production inputted and modifies the raw material itself. Thus, the program performs several recipes on a single document until it produces all products necessary according to all predefined recipes.

Specific Features

During a sale and automatic production, two separate operations are created – sale and production. If the sale is cancelled, the production operation remains. The same is valid if production is cancelled, as the sale operation remains in such case as well. The automatic production required work with negative quantities (amounts). If this option is not enabled, the program would not allow an insufficient amount to be sold, thus the automatic production will not be activated. The automatic production cannot work with batches, as there is no option for an automatic selection of the respective batches. In this regard, the batches have to be manually chosen, as the two settings are not congruent.

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