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Microinvest Warehouse Pro allows the generating of barcodes for all product items, which do not have their own barcode. During the process of barcode generation, all internationally acclaimed rules and standards are observed and complied with, as a unique barcode having a compatible relation to the other product items’ barcodes, is created.


Types of automatically generated barcodes

The program enables the generation of three main types of product barcodes. According to the shape and specification of a product, the barcodes can be classified in the following categories:

  • EAN 13 for enumerating countable products
  • EAN8 for enumerating countable products
  • Weight barcode for goods, measured and separated by an electronic scale.


The EAN13 standard is an internationally accepted method for labeling products. The code contains 12 standard digits, to which one control digit is added. It is recommendable that all goods be marked with EAN13, since this code is most easily recognizable and most convenient to use.


The EAN8 standard is created for marking small-size products. This is an internationally accepted standard as well, but is not subject to unified national or international regulation. Hence, anyone can create its own specific label with this code. Its usage is recommended only in cases when a standard EAN13 code cannot be placed directly on the product item.

Weight Barcode

The weight barcode enables the marking of goods, which are weighed through an electronic scale, and the barcode itself contains information about the weight of the product. Although products may be identical, the weight barcode can differ due to different products weight. For a comprehensive description of weight barcodes, please check the following article: Working with Weight Barcodes in Microinvest Warehouse Pro.

Custom Barcode Generation

When entering a new item, Microinvest Warehouse Pro software allows for the creation of a custom barcode of a good. In edit regime of an item, a window for generating a barcode opens by pressing the button next to the barcode field. There, you can select the type of barcode and in which field it should be added. The barcode generation works only in cases, where a barcode is lacking. If there is an already entered code, the program will not modify it and will not generate a new code. In this case, it is necessary to delete the old barcode before entering the new one.

Automatic Barcode Generation

In rare cases, a simultaneous entering of barcodes to all product items, which do not have a barcode, is required. An example for this is the the initial nomenclature creation in a shop, as the procedure is executed upon multiple products. For this purpose, start Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light, activate the settings and select the “Generation of Barcodes” button. The program scans through all products, which do not have a barcode entered, and automatically places them an unique EAN13 code. This function can be performed whenever necessary, as the program would not change an already entered code, but would only add new ones. This function can be performed with Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light only.

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