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In order for the Microinvest Warehouse Pro to function properly and correct task allocation to be done among users, it is important that correct setup of the access rights to certain functions and reports be made. During the initial entering of users in the program (Edit/Users/New), the level of access of different users can be defined. The first user should necessarily be with an “Owner” level of access. Afterwards, he can determine the level of access of every user and to define the rights of others by correctly setting up the access to each and every menu in the program.


Defining Mechanism

After selecting the Edit/Administration/Permissions menu, a user is selected and the menus to which the program has access. When the program opens the “Access Rights”, three internal panels are displayed. The users are listed in one of them, and the groups of main menus and the relevant sub-menus. After a given user is marked, each menu to be permitted or not permitted access to is individually defined. Then, the “Apply” button is pressed and the settings come into force. When the user identifies himself with his username and password, the unpermitted menus are coloured in gray or disappear and become inactive. The same is valid for the buttons from the toolbar of the program.

Data Protection

The correct defining of user access is paramount to the work of the system. Well set access rights protect the data and eliminate errors during work. The analysis and protection of the system can be outlined as a main task in the initial system integration. When the permissions are accurately set up, then there is no room for fraud or misuse of information. Moreover, if the access is precisely set up, the work of the managers is optimized as well, since they would not feel required to analyze reports about one or another document edit, about the actions of the operators or about other special operations.


Practice shows that it is more efficient to limit the access rights than to observe reports for the performed operations afterwards. The access rights (permissions) prevent the happening of an undesirable event before it happens.

Facilitation in Defining Permissons

Microinvest Warehouse Pro allows for copying user rights from one user to another. By right-clicking the mouse, it is possible to copy or receive the settings of another user. This way, it is enough to set up the permissions of one user and then to copy them to all the other users which perform similar functions in the company.

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